Dumpster Dive

What is Dumpster Dive?

The "Dumpster Dive" workshop was designed for manufacturers and others interested in learning the fundamentals of solid waste streams and their sources by focusing on the leading methods of waste reduction. Expect a fun, fast-paced workshop with simulations and case studies for in-depth instruction in applying material and solid waste management concepts and techniques. The eight-hour workshop incorporates the following topics, including a simulated dumpster dive activity:

  • Fundamentals of solid waste streams
  • Methods to evaluate materials used in products and processes
  • Concepts relating to life cycle analysis
  • How to reduce or eliminate the solid waste stream
  • How to apply the 4Rs - Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

What are the benefits of Dumpster Dive?

The Dumpster Dive workshop provides participants with practical, simple tools to identify and reduce solid waste generated by the business. Participants can use these tools to reduce the cost of solid waste disposal fees and excess material purchases while increasing productivity. Companies who are pursuing lean manufacturing can use this tool as a new way to find previously missed sources of waste within the business.

What can CIRAS do for my company?

For upcoming public workshops, please see our Events page. If you would like to hold a workshop at your company, contact one of the CIRAS staff members below to discuss training options.

What is my next step?

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Last updated: 7/17/2013