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Lean: Cellular/Flow

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What is Lean: cellular/flow?

Lean: cellular/flow is a five-step process for connecting the manual and machine processes of similar operations in order to eliminate non-value adding (i.e., waste) activities. Teams learn how to link and balance manufacturing operations, then design and implement continuous flow cells.

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What are the benefits of Lean: cellular/flow?

Implementation of Lean: cellular/flow will help

  • reduce lead times, resulting in improved on-time delivery.
  • improve quality.
  • reduce inventory and parts movement.
  • reduce space requirements.

What can CIRAS do for my company?

CIRAS can provide a Lean expert to facilitate Lean: cellular/flow for a team of company members including both management and production workers. Teams will transform their traditional batch processing to a cellular layout with continuous parts flow. The team follows the five-step process of developing product families, setting task times, studying work sequences, balancing work content, and designing/implementing the work cell.

What is my next step?

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