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CIRAS Partners

In order to craft customized solutions that enhance the performance of Iowa companies, we at CIRAS combine our own in-house expertise with the extensive knowledge base found within the organizations we partner with. Below is a list of our partner organizations both inside and outside Iowa State University. If you are a membership organization or association devoted to serving Iowa businesses, and you are interested in partnering with CIRAS, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Iowa State University partners

The Center for Crops Utilization Research is a research, development, and technology transfer program. CCUR is focused on adding value to Midwest crops, biorenewables development, the application of biotechnology to increase value, and technology transfer to the private sector. CCUR's Vision is that no grain should leave the state without "adding value," and Iowa should become the preferred location for producing, marketing, processing and utilizing value-enhanced grain.

The College of Engineering prides itself on working tirelessly to create cutting-edge technologies that have international impact. We embrace interdisciplinary and systems approaches to our research and education in recognition of the globalization of engineering and commerce. The impact of what we do is measured not only by the technologies we invent and the science we investigate, but also by the leaders we produce. Iowa State has an impressive record of graduating leaders who have gone on to become CEOs of innovative companies such as Lockheed Martin, Silicon Graphics, Texas Instruments, 3M, Rockwell Collins, and Monsanto.

The College of Engineering’s Engineering-LAS Online Learning Program provides engineers and related professionals with the opportunity to enhance their careers through off-campus courses. Through these courses, delivered via streaming media over the Web or CD-ROM, engineering professionals learn within the environment of a premier university and from some of the most respected professors in their fields. The program’s hybrid delivery system uses proven learning technologies to offer quality instruction in a flexible mode at minimum cost.

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety is devoted to ensuring the occupational health and safety of all Iowa State personnel, students and visitors. To aid in this endeavor, EH&S offers a comprehensive health and safety program, incorporating everything from fire safety to radiation safety. We make available a wide array of manuals, e-books and training sessions to ensure that ISU personnel are able to receive the information they need in these areas.

Meat Science Extension is a state-of-the-art facility that supports technology and product development. The lab has full processing capabilities starting with slaughter for poultry and red meats. Further processed meats, such as franks, luncheon meat and fermented products, can also be produced. The lab is available to private companies for product and process development. A retail sales outlet for meat products produced in the course of teaching, research and extension activities is available to the public.

Iowa Small Business Development Centers conduct research and counsel and train business people in managing, financing, and operating small businesses. Located throughout the state, the centers provide comprehensive information services and access to experts in a variety of fields. Each SBDC encourages unique local, region to region, state to state, and community to community efforts to meet small business needs in its area.

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach helps carry out Iowa State's land-grant mission beyond campus, to be the university that best serves it state. Their core purpose is to engage citizens through research-based educational programs and to extend the resources of Iowa State University across the state. ISU Extension and Outreach is focused on economic development, food and the environment, health and well-being and K-12 youth outreach.

Our other valued partners

Iowa Area Development Group (IADG) provides business and community development leadership and consulting services on behalf of nearly 250 member owned rural electric cooperatives, municipal utilities, and independent telecommunication companies across the state. Services include building and site selection, financial incentives, regulatory guidance, technical assistance, and energy and telecommunication solutions to utility members who s erve hundreds of manufacturing operations in Iowa. Since its inception in 1985, IADG has assisted with more than 2,000 successful business expansions and start-up projects. This growth represents capital investment of more than $10.15 billion and 51,500 new and retained jobs for Iowa. The Iowa Area Development Group has also been instrumental in partnering with Iowa communities to establish more than 2.2 million square feet of speculative industrial space and more than 7,239 acres of prime industrial ground to serve all types of projects.

The Iowa Association of Business and Industry is a broad-based organization of more than 1,300 Iowa businesses working together to promote Iowa commerce. ABI represents a diverse group of businesses, including manufacturers, processors, retailers, insurance companies, financial institutions, publishers and printers, transportation services, and the professions, which together employ over 300,000 Iowans. Uniting around the key issues which all businesses have in common provides ABI and its members with a strong voice for change and progress in Iowa.

Iowa Community Colleges offer programs in three major areas of instruction: adult education, career programs of vocational and technical education and college parallel. Community colleges have an "open-door" admission policy which guarantees Iowans an opportunity for educational assistance and career development, regardless of previous educational attainment. Among the many unique services offered by the colleges are customized training programs for business and industry; incubation centers to assist the development of small businesses; and the administration of service delivery areas for the Federal Job Training Partnership Act.

Iowa Farm Bureau Renew Rural Iowa program is designed to help increase the enterprise value of new and existing businesses in Iowa’s small towns through business education, mentoring, and financial resources. Renew Rural Iowa holds seminars that bring together seasoned business experts and critical resources, allowing business owners to tap into an array of services – all at one time. We’re putting the necessary tools in place to foster economic growth in Iowa – a key strategy of the Iowa Farm Bureau.

Iowa Economic Development Authority works to engender and promote economic development policies and practices which stimulate and sustain Iowa's economic growth and climate and that integrate efforts across public and private sectors. Toward that end, the state-administered department offers business assistance and community development programs, while also promoting Iowa as a travel destination.

Iowa Lean Consortium is a member-driven non-profit dedicated to advancing Lean in all sectors of our economy. The ILC provides the philosophy, tools, and techniques to meet today's business challenges through members serving members. Expertise spans manufacturing, service/transaction businesses, education, healthcare and government.

The Iowa Sustainable Business Forum is a member-driven association for sharing proven sustainability solutions among Iowa businesses. Guided by founding members and sustainability leaders Barilla, Cummins, The Principal Financial Group, and West Liberty Foods, the group provides a forum for Iowa businesses to work together to solve their biggest sustainability challenges.

The Quad Cities Manufacturing Innovation Hub is a program of the Quad Cities Chamber that is the local resource to lead the manufacturing revolution in the Quad Cities. The Hub’s focus is to help manufacturers diversify their customer base, grow their business, explore technologies, and bring the right help at the right time.


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Last updated: 10/23/2017