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Applying the Theory of Constraints (Constraints Management)

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This CIRAS educational web site will introduce you to the basics of a business management approach originated by Eli Goldratt and commonly known as TOC, or the Theory of Constraints. Many peoples’ first and often their only exposure to TOC is the book “The Goal” by Goldratt (North River Press, 1984). This book has sold millions of copies and is translated into over 10 languages. However, it was written early in the development of TOC and gives insight into only a small portion of the TOC body of knowledge. This web site contains much information about the wide range of TOC knowledge and applications.

Use the navigation links in the column to the left to explore the CIRAS library of TOC information as well as the full range of information and services offered by CIRAS, the Center for Industrial Research and Service at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, USA. For more than 40 years CIRAS has assisted the manufacturers in Iowa to enhance their performance.

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"There really is no choice in the matter. Either you manage constraints or they manage you. The constraints will determine the output of the system whether they are acknowledged and managed or not."


- Noreen, Smith, and Mackey, The Theory of Constraints and its Implications for Management Accounting (North River Press, 1995)