Industrial Research

Industry Surveys

CIRAS conducts surveys for utilities, professional organizations, and state and federal agencies to determine current conditions and trends in industry.  Through a partnership with the Iowa State Center for Survey Statistics and Methodology, staff will work with the client to design a survey instrument and then gather the data by phone, mail, web, or in-person and provide a summary of the results.  Contact Ron Cox at 515-294-3420 or rcox@iastate.edu.

Contract Research

The Technology Assistance Program (TAP) can assist Iowa companies that require research and technical assistance to develop new products, shorten product development cycles, and improve manufacturing processes.  Staff will help define research needs; identify appropriate researchers at Iowa State, Ames Laboratory or other Iowa research institutions; and then work with companies to develop a proposal, budget, contract, and plan for technology commercialization.  Staff can also help locate funding sources to leverage company funds. -> More info


The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs provide qualified small businesses with opportunities to propose innovative R&D projects to federal agencies.  The Iowa State Office of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer (OIPTT) can both help companies identify solicitations that match their R&D capabilities and assist in writing and reviewing proposals.  OIPTT can also locate research collaborators at Iowa State, Ames Laboratory, or other Iowa research institutions to give the proposal a competitive edge.  Contact Kris Johansen at 515-294-3208 or kajohans@iastate.edu, or search for additional information here. -> More info

License Iowa State Technology

The OIPTT and the Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc. (ISURF) work in concert to transfer the inventive and creative works of Iowa State University's employees and students to the marketplace.  ISURF uses available legal avenues to protect these works, providing incentives for industry to make further investments.  OIPTT links industry partners with these works and develops the licensing rights. ->  More info


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Last updated: 1/11/2016