Giving to CIRAS

Iowa needs businesses and communities that are prosperous and growing. CIRAS knows how to help Iowans achieve this goal - we’ve been doing just that for fifty years. Now, more than ever, as businesses face increasing global competition and declines in rural populations continue, we need your help.

Your contributions to CIRAS will allow us to:

  • Expand current programs to additional companies
  • Explore complex economic issues facing rural communities
  • Develop programs to keep youth in Iowa
  • Help companies plan for emergencies and provide emergency recovery assistance
  • Develop new leading-edge programs to help keep Iowa companies at the forefront of technology development.

Please consider making a gift to CIRAS to help us keep Iowa's businesses and communities prosperous and growing. Contact Ron Cox at 515.294.0099. If you prefer, you can make a gift online by designating "Center for Industrial Research and Service General Fund" at the secure University Extension gift website.


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Last updated: 7/1/2014